Barrington Tops winter trail closures

With the arrival of winter, the Barrington trail (south) and Polblue trail in Barrington Tops National Park will be closed from 1 June until 1 October 2016, for public safety.

Snow in Barrington Tops National Park

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Regional Manager Anthony Signor said the trails are closed annually during winter to protect them from damage and also as a safety precaution given the possible extreme weather conditions on the Tops during winter.

"In addition, a number of other 4WD trails will be closed this winter as outlined in the Plan of Management for Barrington Tops", Mr Signor said.

"These trails will also be closed on 1 June and re-open 1 October 2016 - as per the traditional winter trail closures", he said.

"These trails include Butchers Swamp trail, Paddys Ridge trail, Barrington trail north, Bullock Brush trail, Tugalow trail and Thunderbolts trail - between Pheasants Creek Road and Barrington Tops Forest Road.

"These additional seasonally closed trails are only closed to vehicles and motorbikes, they may still be accessed on foot, mountain bike or horseback (on approved trails). Access to Gummi Falls campground during this period is only permitted by foot or mountain bike.

"These 4WD trails can become extremely wet during winter months and with the cold, short days, they do not dry out. Such conditions increase the chance of damage from vehicles and sudden changes in weather could mean visitors being caught out and possibly stranded", Mr Signor said.

"The main road from Gloucester to Scone remains open but motorists are advised to drive to conditions and travel with care", he said.

For further information about Barrington Tops National Park, please contact NPWS Barrington Tops area office at Gloucester on (02) 6538 5300 or NPWS Upper Hunter area office at Scone on (02) 6540 2300.

Contact: Lawrence Orel