Battery storage systems transitioning businesses to a clean energy future

NSW businesses now have a series of resources to help them better understand, investigate and buy battery storage systems, assisting businesses to reach their sustainability goals and save on energy bill costs.

Battery storage systems assist businesses to reach their sustainability goals

Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) Deputy Chief Executive Ian Hunter said the resources, developed by OEH, discuss cutting-edge battery technologies, their application, current pricing and provide information about the emerging technology in Australia.

“Batteries and energy storage play a critical role in the transition to a clean energy future,” Mr Hunter said.

“The benefits are huge and we are committed to providing businesses with these comprehensive guides and tools to help them decide if battery storage can assist in their operations.

“Recent feasibility investigations revealed that businesses can gain value from battery storage by using the new technology to meet their renewable and sustainability targets.

“Benefits can be financial, environmental, but can also increase energy security and independence,” said Mr Hunter.

Advanced battery storage technology can enable businesses to achieve long-term goals for self-sufficient energy storage.

The battery storage for business resources include:

  • I am your battery storage guide: a business buying and usage handbook - a guide to help businesses understand different battery storage systems and whether they are feasible for their facilities.
  • Battery storage for business: the essentials – an overview of the technology including how battery storage systems work.
  • Battery storage for business: an investment decision tool - an online tool provides a snapshot of energy use and the expected return on investment of installing a battery storage system.
  • A price estimate template - for businesses who wish to obtain quality quotes for the supply and installation of a battery storage system.
  • The battery storage for business training course – to help professionals confidently navigate through this new and exciting technology.

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Contact: Angela Read