BioNet upgrade

Explore the improved BioNet data and systems and provide us with your feedback.

Gordon's wattle (Acacia gordonii) from the Mimosoideae family. Threatened species

Upgrades to BioNet data and systems are now live.

You can access the BioNet applications using your existing log-in details.

Explore the upgraded BioNet interfaces.

Review the quick reference guides and user manuals for more info, and learn more about what’s changed.

Get on board with the Biodiversity Assessment Method

The Biodiversity Assessment Calculator is now live.

Get to know changes to BioNet product and application terminology

The BioNet naming protocol outlines an overarching BioNet brand structure and streamlined naming protocol for BioNet data products and applications.

Are you interested in benchmarks?

  1. Learn about changes to native vegetation integrity benchmarks in this information sheet.
  2. Understand how you’ll access benchmark information, produce data reports and download data from web services using a quick reference guide that will be available shortly.

What about vegetation classification?

Learn how to navigate the new BioNet Vegetation Classification user interface in the user manual.

New data concepts and attributes for threatened biodiversity

There are a number of new threatened biodiversity attributes introduced as part of the Biodiversity Assessment Method. We are developing a guide for these and will add it to the BioNet homepage as soon as it’s ready.

How will the upgraded web services help me?

If you would like to find out what the upgraded web services offer, head to the web services homepage where you will find updated release notes and data standards.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We’ll be making further guides and user manuals available over the coming weeks.

Contact us at to report a problem or to send us feedback.

All documents mentioned above will also be uploaded to the BioNet quick guides and manuals page.