Cape Byron walking track upgrade

An upgrade of the Cape Byron Walking Track is set to start on Tuesday 14 May.

Cape Byron State Conservation Area

The track upgrade in the Cape Byron State Conservation Area involves a new section of track being built between Cape Byron Lighthouse and Tallow Ridge walking track to improve safety and the visitor experience.

The walking track is located at the entrance of the Lighthouse which is a popular lookout in the Cape Byron State Conservation Area, which attracts many visitors.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Tweed Byron Area Manager, Sue Walker, said the track upgrade will greatly improve visitor experience by widening the path and providing places for people to stop and take in the views.

'The upgrade will create a safer, more enjoyable experience for visitors and the community,' she said.

'As part of the work we are widening the track and providing areas along the way where people can stop and take in the great views.

'The walking track at the entrance to the Lighthouse will be closed temporarily during the work, which is expected to take six weeks,' Ms Walker said.

The upgrade was part of the recommendations made in the Cape Byron Master Plan adopted by Cape Byron Trust and NPWS a year ago which aims to deliver high-quality facilities to meet visitor demand, protect the natural and cultural values and provide a world-class walking experience for visitors into the future.

The works include:

  • a new walking surface reinforced with concrete material
  • improved safety fencing extending the current Lighthouse fencing to Tallow Ridge
  • improved viewing areas.

'During construction the track between the Lighthouse and Lighthouse Road will be closed to the public,' Ms Walker said.

'There will be no pedestrian access to the Lighthouse from Tallow Ridge or Lighthouse Road. However, visitors will still be able to walk to the Lighthouse from Wategos Beach and vehicle access to the Lighthouse will stay open.

'There will be some inconvenience to visitors and locals whilst the track is being built, but the end result will be worth it,' Ms Walker said.

For more information on plans for the Cape Byron State Conservation Area, see the Cape Byron Master Plan.