Caring for the Clarence: A community tree planting initiative

The NSW Koala Strategy provided funding for planting 5000 trees on the NSW North Coast and encouraging the local community to use the I Spy Koala app.

Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) in a tree

Following the devastation of the 2019-20 bushfires, the local Clarence Valley community, North of Coffs Harbour, set out to educate the local community and restore important koala habitat.

Led by a pair of Clarence Valley changemakers, Hayley Talbot and Dan Ross, the local team have planted 5000 koala food and shelter trees on local properties. This community project partnered with the NSW Government's Koala Strategy to engage landholders in creating koala corridors.

Six months on from the planting and all properties are reporting positively on how their trees are progressing. These trees will continue growing and creating koala habitat for many decades to come.

Social media, newsletters and brochures helped to raise awareness about koala habitat and reducing threats. They also promoted the I Spy Koala app that allows community members to record their sightings of koalas in the wild. This information helps to inform koala conservation and better planning decisions. Find out more about the I Spy Koala app.

You can get involved in local groups, tree planting and other koala conservation activities by visiting the NSW Koala Country website.