Connecting to Country with environmental outcomes POP grants open

Protecting Our Places (POP) grants are now open, according to the NSW Environmental Trust Aboriginal Programs Officer Maggie Bushel.

Fire and Cultural Science Team initiating a Cultural burn

“Aboriginal groups or corporations wanting to improve the environment by working on Country have until 22 March to apply for funding through this fantastic program,” Ms Bushel said.

Grants of up to $80,000 are available each year for environmental improvement projects which provide positive cultural outcomes.

“POP empowers Aboriginal groups to develop and share their cultural land management practices and supports Indigenous communities to conserve culturally significant environmental landscapes.”

Key people in organisations receiving grants will be supported to develop project plans at the start.

“In recent years we’ve brought in project management workshops as part of POP, and this hands-on training and support has been really valuable for building relationships and skills,” Ms Bushel said.

“Also, in response to feedback, we’ve greatly simplified the grant application process this year.”

The Environmental Trust aims to increase the amount of culturally significant Aboriginal land protected, restored and managed by local Aboriginal groups, land managers and stakeholders.

The Protecting Our Places grants program began in 2002 and provides a mechanism to deliver NSW Government policy, priorities and outcomes.

POP grants of up to $80,000 can be implemented over three years. Learn more at Environmental Trust grants: Protecting our Places.