Decade of conservation work to protect threatened species

A decade of conservation work is set to start at 79 sites across the state to protect the Swift Parrot, Giant Dragon Fly, Blue Mountains Water Skink, Bell’s Turtle and eight woodland bird species including the Scarlet Robin, Environment Minister Mark Speakman announced today.

Scarlet robin (Petroica boodang), native Australian bird and vulnerable species

The Australian National University and the Central Tablelands, Northern Tablelands and South East Local Land Services will share $3.7 million in grant funding to undertake conservation projects that span 10 years.

Mr Speakman said the NSW Government’s Saving Our Species Partnership Grants Program aimed to help stop the decline of biodiversity and protect the state’s threatened species into the future.

“These Environmental Trust projects are important to help protect and stabilise local populations under threat,” Mr Speakman said.

“The grants program gets the best bang for the taxpayer’s buck because it brings researchers, the community, land management experts and the government together to protect the state’s most vulnerable species.”  

Including this second round of projects the NSW Government has invested almost $10 million in this program through its Environmental Trust. This is on top of the NSW Government’s five year $100 million Saving our Species commitment to continue to safeguard the state’s threatened species.

More information: Saving Our Species Partnership Grants Program.

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