Enabling innovation - vegetation data goes open

BioNet is the trusted source of biodiversity data for NSW, enabling the community and government to pro-actively manage and enhance biodiversity in NSW through comprehensive, credible and robust information.

Sydney coastal heath on locally damp soil in Royal National Park

Following the successful launch of over 8 million Species Sightings records in 2015, Release 2 of the BioNet Web Services now adds data covering all Plant Community Types (PCTs), NSW’s primary vegetation classification.

Additionally, a number of enhancements to existing data and added capabilities have improved the performance of the OpenAPI itself.

This open science data initiative enables decisions to be made with the best available authoritative information. IT developers, including organisations, now have easy and reliable access to data to create apps or integrate with decision making systems to benefit the public and improve environmental decision making.

For full details see BioNet Web Services.

In the future, Release 3 will add data held in the BioNet Threatened Species Profile module to the web service, and add benchmarking data to the Vegetation Classification data collection.