Ride Lightly: How mountain bikers can help protect the bush

As mountain bikers, you are important custodians of natural areas. Following these tips will help to protect threatened species, and conserve the beautiful Australian bush for future generations to enjoy.

Garigal National Park mountain bike riders

Mountain bike riding is exciting, great for keeping fit and for getting into nature. It is a rapidly growing sport across the bushland around Sydney, Newcastle and elsewhere in New South Wales.

The Ride Lightly campaign by the Saving our Species program is working with the mountain biking community to show how to explore the beautiful Australian bush while appreciating and protecting the amazing threatened species that exist nowhere else in the world.

'Protect what you love, and ride lightly' – Steph Martin, National Parks and Wildlife Service ranger.

Top tips for conserving the bush while mountain biking

  1. avoiding riding in the wet – biking in the mud causes erosion
  2. be courteous of other park users, particularly on multi-use trails – we are all out enjoying what we love
  3. don't modify tracks or create shortcuts – this can have devastating effects on endangered plants
  4. clean your bike after every ride – it's good bike maintenance and it removes weed seeds and diseases spread by bikes.

One of the rarest plants in Sydney

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Newcastle's mountain biking drawcard

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