Energy efficiency plan to drive down cost of living

Environment Minister Robyn Parker today launched a new energy efficiency plan to help households, business and government save on energy bills and place downward pressure on the cost of living.

Domestic dishwasher power settings

Ms Parker said the Energy Efficiency Action Plan will also reduce pressure on future energy prices and positions the NSW Government to lead by example by saving energy costs in our own operations.

“Increased energy efficiency is the cheapest way to reduce bills and our demand on the grid, which will result in more money for households and small business,” Ms Parker said.

“By investing in energy efficiency projects we can save the equivalent energy of that generated by building a brand new power station - only energy efficiency is cleaner and more affordable.

“This equates to powering Westmead Hospital - the largest government building energy user – for more than 330 years.

“We’ll drive energy efficiency projects at key government service sites, including hospitals, schools and emergency service centres, over the next four years to save around $27 million a year.

“Our research found that energy efficiency could cost-effectively avoid 28 per cent of NSW’s energy use.

“Assessment of more than 160,000 low-income households and 17,000 small to medium businesses found $5.2 billion could be saved annually.

“We want to remove barriers for households and business that prevent cost-effective savings due to lack of information, skills, time or a ‘hassle factor’.

“This plan identifies the way the NSW Government will provide effective and tailored advice, coupled with financial incentives to encourage more energy efficient decision making.

“Incentives will be offered to energy retailers, tradespeople and appliance retailers to make energy efficient products and services more affordable.

“A new online calculator is ready to help households calculate the running costs of appliances before they head to the shops.

“It will be easier for hospitals and other key government services to access the NSW Government’s Treasury Loan Fund to pay for energy efficiency upgrades.

“Under the plan, every government department will pursue large-scale energy efficiency projects with a payback period of less than six years.”

Visit for a copy of the Energy Efficiency Action Plan.