Enough clean energy to power 1,500 homes

Environment Minister Mark Speakman today congratulated Baxter Healthcare, a member of the NSW Government’s flagship business program Sustainability Advantage, for its commitment to produce low-carbon energy at its Toongabbie factory after switching on 500-kilowatts of solar power.

Solar panels close-up

Baxter Healthcare, a leading supplier of essential renal and hospital products, has been investing in clean energy since 2010 to reduce its carbon footprint.

“After switching on 2,000 new solar panels and installing an in-house low-carbon energy system Baxter Healthcare is now producing up to 80 per cent of its energy needs” Mr Speakman said.

“Together they are reducing about 4,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year. These systems generate enough power to keep 1,500 average NSW homes running every year.”

Mr Speakman said he encouraged other businesses to follow Baxter Healthcare’s lead to implement their own sustainability measures.

The government’s Sustainability Advantage program helps organisations to improve their environmental practices in order to save money and improve productivity. More than 530 participants are saving a combined $85 million a year through the program.

“This program is making our businesses more sustainable and reducing organisations’ energy bills. This improved productivity allows them to help drive jobs and investment in NSW,” Mr Speakman said.

Member for Seven Hills Mark Taylor said sustainability made sense for businesses across NSW.

“When you’re paying less for electricity, you’re able to spend more on hiring workers expanding production, and investing in new technology,” Mr Taylor said.

Baxter Australia and New Zealand General Manager Steve Flynn said Baxter was committed to being the industry leader in sustainable manufacturing in Western Sydney.

“It’s been a conscientious focus of our team to come up with better ways to generate clean and reliable sources of energy to power our operations,” Mr Flynn said.