Cliffhanging 5: Epacris hamiltonii

This video introduces you to the story of the threatened plant Epacris hamiltonii, which is clinging to existence around cliffs of the Upper Blue Mountains, and shows you what you can do to help it survive.

Epacris hamiltonii

This endangered shrub is only found within 3 catchments, all of which lead into the Grose Valley of the upper Blue Mountains. When it flowers in spring it puts on a show of pink and white bell-shaped flowers.

Epacris hamiltonii is very special plant with a very specific habitat. It only grows where groundwater seeps through the sandstone walls of cliff overhangs between heights of 810 to 940 metres above sea level. Its distribution is localised, found only in sites within a radius of just 5 kilometres. This makes it particularly vulnerable to threats such as being trampled, burnt in a bush fire or affected by polluted water running off nearby urban areas.

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