Cliffhanging 5: Fletchers drumstick

Fletcher's drumstick is clinging to existence around cliffs of the Upper Blue Mountains, and this video shows you what you can do to help it survive.

Fletcher's Drumsticks, Isopogon fletcheri

Fletcher’s drumstick is a striking plant that dates back to the time of Gondwana (a supercontinent that broke up about 180 million years ago).

Millions of years ago, the climate was warmer and much wetter than it is today. Now that global climate conditions have changed, these plants grow in just a few areas along the cliff lines in the Blue Mountains.

This vulnerable shrub has unusual yellowish or creamy green flowers that are crowded into dense globular drumstick-like heads. You can see these flowers during spring and summer.

There are only about 200 individuals left in the wild, with the entire population occurring within Blue Mountains National Park and the upper Grose Valley.

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