From the Green Room: Planting more success stories

Seed collecting for the endangered Kydra dampiera and the golden-flowered Parris’ bush-pea; encouraging signs from a monitoring field trip in Bolivia Hill Nature Reserve near Tenterfield in northern NSW.

Bolivia Hill boronia (Boronia boliviensis) in flower

Big day out for the plants at Bolivia Hill Nature Reserve

SoS Senior Project Officer with the Northern Inland Branch Adam Fawcett reports on a successful monitoring day in the field in March.

"My colleague Todd Soderquist and I had a long day’s monitoring trip in Bolivia Hill Nature Reserve (near Tenterfield in northern NSW). The main aim of the field trip was to assess and identify sites for possible translocation of the endangered Pimelea venosa.

"Whilst there, we took the opportunity to monitor other threatened species under SoS project management. We found a healthy and previously uncounted Eucalyptus boliviana seedling. Other sites showing encouraging signs were those of the Homoranthus croftianus and Boronia boliviensis which have cages in place to protect the plants from browsing by feral animals, particularly feral goats."

A big day out with lots more to happen with these special plant species.

SoS invests in valuable collections for a bright future

Collecting seed for the pretty purple and endangered Kydra dampiera (Dampiera fusca) and the golden-flowered Parris’ bush-pea (Pultenaea parrisiae), are just two of hundreds of projects the SoS program is undertaking. The projects aim to ensure the long-term future of threatened species in NSW our South Coast-based SoS Senior Project Officer Dean Ansell reported in a south-eastern supplement. Read more.