Frying Pan Rock fire

Waterbombing aircraft are working to contain a fire burning in a remote south east Yengo National Park, near Frying Pan Rock.

Large active fire high flames in forest at night NPWS vehicle patrol

NPWS Area Manager Peta Norris said the fire was not posing a risk to property but was about 4 kilometres northwest of isolated properties along Mogo Creek Road / Wollombi Road.

“The fire is believed to have been sparked by lightning on Monday and is currently about 6 hectares in size.

“Helicopters and fixed wing aircraft are water bombing the fire ahead of forecast hot, dry and windy conditions today.

“There is no current threat to property, however residents of rural properties on the Mogo Creek Road / Wollombi Road in the area of Fernances and Mogo Creek should keep up to date with fire conditions.

“Landholders and residents in the area are encouraged to update their bush fire survival plans and ensure that their properties are prepared for bush fire.

“With lightning storms and hot windy conditions forecast, conditions on the fire-ground could change and further ignitions are possible,” Ms Norris said.

NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) Superintendent Karen Hodges said now was the ideal opportunity to complete a few simple tasks so that homes and properties are ready for fires.

“Trim overhanging branches, mow your grass and have a cleared area around your home, clean your gutters and make sure you have a hose that can reach the whole way around your home.

“Firefighters and emergency agencies will of course continue to do everything possible to keep communities safe, however preparation is a shared responsibility and residents must do their bit,” Superintendent Hodges said.

Residents are encouraged to stay up to date on these fires via the Fires Near Me app and the Rural Fire Service website.