Glow Worm Tunnel Road repairs damaged by reckless motorists

The closure of Glow Worm Tunnel Road will be extended after irresponsible drivers damaged a section of the road undergoing repair works.

Glow Worm Tunnel Road, Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area

The damage included creating large ruts in the road surface and damaging the special grid mesh because of vehicles driving over it when work had not been completed.

Glow Worm Tunnel Road is a key access route into the new Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area.

National Parks and Wildlife Service Blue Mountains Branch Director David Crust said NPWS contractors have been working hard to improve the condition of the Glow Worm Tunnel Road so all visitors can enjoy the area.

"The drivers who caused this $20,000 damage on the June long weekend ignored road closure signs and barricades," Mr Crust said.

"It is completely unacceptable for any driver to disregard closure signage and destroy repair work.

"Some of these drivers then became bogged and needed help to free their vehicles.

"Drivers who disregard official signage and caused damage will be fined," Mr Crust said.

The road repair works are part of a major investment in upgrading the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area.

There is currently no access to the Glow Worm Tunnel Walking Track from the Newnes Plateau. Visitors can access the track from the Wolgan Valley.

Both the walking track and Glow Worm Tunnel Road will re-open when safe to do so.

The Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area is currently closed due to weather.

Anyone entering a NSW national park should check for alerts and closures ahead of their visit.