Greater financial support for councils to address coastal erosion

The NSW Government has today announced it is increasing financial assistance to councils to help mitigate coastal erosion risks and restore degraded coastal habitats.

View of Illawarra coastline from Sublime Point lookout in Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area

Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock said the funding ratio for eligible projects under approved Coastal Management Programs will increase to 2:1 meaning the State will now contribute $2 to every $1 put in by councils.

"We want to support councils to access available funding to help address their coastal issues," Mrs Hancock said.

"Additionally, in response to feedback from councils, funding rounds will now open in August to enable councils to better align with their budgeting and planning cycles."

A range of low risk actions will be eligible for funding until December 2021 without needing to be in a certified plan.

Low risk actions include:

  • beach scraping
  • dune stabilisation
  • littoral rainforest regeneration
  • beach access point management; and
  • restoring natural defences to coastal and estuarine hazards.

Greater funding support will also be available for groups of councils that work together to develop Coastal Management Programs, with Joint Organisations now able to make applications under the program.

To encourage council collaboration, where 5 or more councils work together, 20% of the total project cost can now be requested for project management.

"Our State's coastline does not recognise local government boundaries which is why we are making it easier for councils to work together to address coastal issues," Mrs Hancock said.

These changes are part of 32 supported recommendations from a recent review that examined ways of improving councils access to funding under the Coastal and Estuary Management program.

Further information on the Coastal and Estuary Management program is available on our Coastal management programs page.