Guardians of the green and golden bell frog ride

Ever wanted to be a Guardian of the Galaxy? Protect those in need? Well now you can, if the galaxy is a pond and you ride alongside fellow green and golden bell frog fans.

Green and golden bell frog (Litoria aurea) also named the green bell frog, green and golden swamp frog and green frog

The ‘Guardians of the Green and Golden Bell Frog’ Citizen Science program is being launched Saturday 19th November in Nowra’s Worrigee Nature Reserve, and the community are invited to come help save this species from extinction.

Lucy Loft with the Saving our Species program said the success of the new project relies on the community reporting sightings of this elusive, yet distinctive frog found in their neighbourhood.

'We are inviting people to an open day at the nature reserve where they will be able to bike ride to the specially installed green and golden bell frog ponds,' Ms Loft said.

'At the ponds, they will be met by a National Parks and Wildlife Service ranger and hear how to join the ‘Guardians' in the FrogID app to easily record sightings of these frogs.

'Locals know the area better than anyone else, that’s why we are hoping they will come on board as guardians of this endangered species.

'Every bit of data collected on their abundance, location and habitat condition, will help shape strategies to ensure the frog’s survival in the wild,' Ms Loft said.

Data collected on the day and through the season via the FrogID app will be used to plan and prioritise conservation work.

It will help ensure key habitat areas are protected, enhanced and managed to benefit the frog during its different life stages and when it is both active and overwintering.

Saving our Species has partnered with the Australian Museum who developed the FrogID app. The FrogID team will verify all visual and sound recordings submitted via the app.

Worrigee Nature Reserve Open Day is on Saturday 19 November from 10 am to 2 pm. Meet at the Quinn’s Lane entrance, South Nowra.

This event is completely free, just BYO bike. There will be information stalls, kid’s activities, a free BBQ lunch, free frog-friendly plant giveaways and a 3-kilomtere guided bike ride to the frog ponds.

The event will go ahead in light rain so bring along your raincoats, gumboots and/or walking shoes.

Please register your interest to attend at

For more information on the program, visit our Guardians of the Green and Golden Bell Frog program webpage.