Hazard reduction burn in Jilliby State Conservation Area and Ravensdale Valley

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) is planning a 3-day hazard reduction burn in Jilliby State Conservation Area between Yarramalong and Ravensdale, starting Thursday 3 September.

OEH fire management staff undertaking hazard reduction burn

The 560-hectare burn will take place from the corner of Bee Camp Point Road along the western side of Watagan Forest Road to Pitts Point Road then progressing down-hill into private properties along Ravensdale Road.

Weather permitting, the burn will commence at approximately 9am on each day with crews continuing into the evenings. If conditions are not suitable, the burn will be rescheduled.

Smoke from the burn may impact on the area and motorists are warned to take care and drive to conditions along Ravensdale Road and Watagan Forest Road.

People with asthma or who are susceptible to respiratory problems are advised to keep clear of the area or stay indoors.

For health information relating to smoke from bush fires and hazard reduction burning, visit NSW Health or the Asthma Foundation.

The NPWS hazard reduction program for 2020 is focussed on essential burns in areas close to neighbours and important assets and to protect significant areas of habitat to ensure ongoing recovery of wildlife that was impacted by the summer bushfires.

Undertaking burns when conditions are right to ensure they are safe and effective is an important part of managing the potential risk of bushfire to communities and the environment before next summer.

All burns across NSW will continue to be coordinated with the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) to ensure the impact on the community, including from smoke, are assessed at a regional level.

Details on specific burns will be made available in advance on the Rural Fire Service website, ‘Fires Near Me’ app, and on NPWS Alerts website.

For up to date information on these, and other, planned hazard reduction activities, visit the Rural Fire Service.