Illegal behaviour hampers fire recovery efforts

Illegal 4WD access in the Blue Mountains National Park is jeopardising both recovery efforts and safety, says National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

Blue Mountains National Park covers an area of 2,690 square kilometres

Blue Mountains Park Operation Manager Glenn Meade, said staff were disappointed to see several metal gates had been cut and 4WD access had increased despite the area remaining closed to vehicles.

"It's concerning to see illegal activity at the Waterboard Fire Trail in the Vale of Avoca precinct when our staff are working so hard to protect impacted species here and make this area safe," he said.

"While the majority of visitors do the right thing, some people have not only accessed areas which are strictly off limits at the current time but have gone so far as to destroy property to get through in their cars.

"What these people need to know is that they are jeopardising recovery efforts, putting themselves at risk and increasing the amount of time and funds needed to restore this area and its fire trails.

"NPWS is working with NSW Police and RFS to manage illegal activities; if you are doing the wrong thing, we will catch you and you will receive a substantial fine."

Recreational visitor access to the Grose River via the Waterboard Trail is currently restricted to walking only in the wake of Gospers Mountain Fire.

NPWS will continue undertaking works to restore affected fire trails, protect water quality, and minimise further impacts to flora and fauna while the area rehabilitates from the fire.

If you have information regarding illegal 4WD access in the area, please call 4787 8877.