In the spotlight - James Farrell

Meet a young champion for wildlife, 11-year-old James Farrell. James has always loved animals and since a very early age has been fascinated by the frogs and lizards around his home.

James Farrell holding a kangaroo joey

These days he is a volunteer in the superb parrot (Polytelis swainsonii) monitoring program through Boorowa Landcare. He has enjoyed the experience so much, he has even brought along two friends. James is so committed to the species’ protection that he has recently written to the Federal Government regarding the proposed delisting of the species and suggests others could also send in their own letters of concern.

His involvement with the parrots began when within 50 metres of a drive to Young with his mother they counted 30-40 dead superb parrots on the side of the road. On the way back home, James says he “could not look at all the dead superbs, it was like a killing field”.

“I was concerned that if so many superbs were killed in one short space, it could be happening in all areas that the superb parrot lives and breeds”.

James advises that “to protect threatened species people should stop cutting down native trees and protect trees with hollows as these are the breeding spots for much of the Australian bird life”.

He also has some tips for monitoring birds. “Listen for the bird’s call because you may hear the bird before you see it, not too much noise, look for a place with bird life and stay safe”.

When participating in the superb parrot monitoring, James enjoys seeing large flocks of the species. He also enjoys the scenery and seeing other wildlife and, of course, he enjoys spending time with his mum in the outdoors.

James says, “It would be nice to see more people involved in protecting our native species. It would be nice to have these species around when I have children. We should respect our environment and not destroy it. It would be nice to see more people my age participating, I am eleven”.

To learn more about the Saving our Species program or to get involved, visit our website.