Kariong Sacred Lands and Bulgandry Rock Art Site declared as Aboriginal Places

Environment and Heritage Minister Robyn Parker today declared two new Aboriginal Places in Brisbane Water National Park, west of Gosford.

Bulgandry Aboriginal Site, Aboriginal rock engravings, Brisbane Water National Park

Ms Parker and Gosford MP Chris Holstein marked the declaration of the Kariong Sacred Lands and the Bulgandry Rock Art Site at a ceremony with the Darkinjung

Local Aboriginal Land Council.

“I am also pleased to announce today that land recently purchased at Bambara Road, which is part of the Kariong Sacred Lands, has been reserved as a new addition to the Brisbane Water National Park,” Ms Parker said.

“This is something many local people have been passionate about for a long time, and I’m glad to be able to make this announcement today as well.

“By declaring an Aboriginal Place, we are recognizing the special cultural, social and historic significance of the site to the Aboriginal community and in Australia’s history and heritage.

“Both sites contain a diverse array of archaeological evidence, including extensive groups of rock art, which are evidence of the long occupation by Aboriginal people.

Mr Holstein said both areas were highly valued by Aboriginal people in the Gosford area for the abundant food they provided, their beauty and their spiritual value.

“The Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council nominated the areas for declaration as Aboriginal Places to ensure the recognition and protection as places of special significance to Aboriginal culture.

“The areas were used as traditional ceremony and meeting places by the Darkinjung and Guringai peoples of the region and today continues to serve as teaching places for youth by community Elders.”

“By declaring these significant lands as Aboriginal Places, we recognise and acknowledge that Aboriginal culture is living and continuing, and that the connection of Aboriginal people to the land and culture is immensely important to their wellbeing and future.

“Nowhere is that more evident than here today when we visit the Bulgandry site and marvel at the gallery of Aboriginal Art work in the engravings. The site instils a sense of pride; a sense of place and a sense of belonging.”