Kempsey Shire secures $130,000 for a better look at local coastline

Kempsey Shire Council has secured $130,000 in NSW Government funding to further develop its coastal management actions, giving the community even more confidence their local coastline is being protected.

View across the Tasman Sea from Captain Cook's Lookout, located near the Smoky Cape Lighthouse near Kempsey Hat Head National Park

Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock said the risk assessment for its Coastal Management Program (CMP) is vital for the future planning and management of key coastal community assets in the region.

"This $130,000 funding will help Kempsey Shire Council to further develop their CMP, designed to better manage and protect its local coastline," Mrs Hancock said.

"The Council will undertake investigations and engagement activities to inform a full scale risk assessment to identify and evaluate management options for its CMP.

"This is a very good example of how the NSW Government's Coastal and Estuary Grants Program planning stream supports local government to understand the complex coastal and estuarine environment."

Member for Oxley Melinda Pavey said Kempsey Shire Council's risk assessment includes analysing the likelihood of various threats, pressures and consequences to environmental, social and economic values in the coastal zone in order to protect it for future generations to enjoy.

"The program aims to increase coastal resilience and improve the health of NSW estuaries through well-planned action."

"This long-term investment supports Kempsey Shire Council, which has the primary role of managing coastal and estuarine issues for our community," Ms Pavey said.

Councils can apply for grants to undertake planning at any time during the year, while implementation work grants can be made annually in a contestable round.

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