Landslide after heavy rain closes Golden Stairs

This week’s heavy rain has triggered a large landslide that closed access to the popular Golden Stairs and Ruined Castle walking track in the Blue Mountains National Park on Wednesday, 29 July.

Golden stairs closed by landslide, after heavy rain, Blue Mountains National Park

NPWS Director of Blue Mountains Park Operations, David Crust, said extremely heavy rain caused the landslide on the Golden Stairs overnight on Tuesday the 28th of July.

The landslide has cut access to the Golden Stairs from Narrow Neck, Mount Solitary and Federal Pass, near Katoomba. The landslide has left large amounts of debris including soil, rocks and trees above and below the Golden Stairs and Federal Pass.

Mr Crust said, “Unfortunately we’re facing a long closure of many months to enable us to clear the landslide and make the track safe again.

“There’s still a risk of further landslides along the track which will have to be assessed before we can begin work.

“The first thing will be for the NPWS to engage geotechnical engineers to assess the damage and advise us how to deal with the remaining hazards and start re-building the track.”

“The landslide at the Golden Stairs also closes Federal Pass Walking Track from Scenic World and inhibits access from Ruined Castle and Mount Solitary extending the closures which are still in place after the recent bush fires.

It is vital people adhere to these closures as the tracks are completely blocked and there is significant risk of further landslides and rockfall.”

The Ruined Castle walking track is a well-known walk in the spectacular Blue Mountains World Heritage area. From the Golden Stairs it descends into Jamison Valley continues up to the Ruined Castle which is one of the Jamison Valley’s most recognisable landmarks.

NPWS website has been updated with information: Ruined Castle walking track alerts