Lighting reaction keeps fires contained

Quick action by National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) fire crews contained seven bushfires each to less than five hectares throughout Wollemi, Blue Mountains and Yengo National Parks recently.

Aerial view of a fire in bush land either side of Werong Creek NPWS Area Manager Peta Norris said a large lightning storm on 23 November peppered region with strikes.

“Over 60 fire fighters responded to the lightning-strike ignitions last Friday in rugged inaccessible areas of these parks,” Ms Norris said. 

“The quick responses prevented large and costly wildfires developing that may have taken weeks to control.

“This type of fire fighting has been developed by the NPWS of the last 30 years and further refined over the years to work more closely with aviation resources.
“Helicopters and fixed-wing water bombers are used to douse the fire edges with water before the fire crews are winched in to begin directly attacking the fire.

“The highly trained and experienced crews worked to cut up burning logs and tree stumps and used hand tools clear flammable material to ensure edges do not reignite. 

““Visitors are reminded to be vigilant and be aware of warnings and messages when visiting the national parks,” Ms Norris said. Visit: National Parks

See images of lightning strike fires at OEH flickr: Fire lightning strike 2017