Local groups from Bomaderry team up to save an endangered species

New hope has been given to the Bomaderry zieria as more than 300 plants propagated from cuttings were recently planted at Bomaderry Creek Regional Park, in a bid to help secure the future of this endangered species under the NSW Government's Saving our Species program and Environmental Trust's Partnerships protecting Shoalhaven plants project.

Bomaderry zieria (Zieria baeuerlenii), Saving our Species planting event

The planting event, which took place last month, was in partnership with a team from the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), Shoalhaven City Council, Wollongong, Booderee and the Australian National Botanic Gardens and the Bomaderry Creek Landcare Group.

OEH Senior Threatened Species Officer Kylie Coutts-McClelland said the Bomaderry zieria is only found in one location north-west of Nowra so we are extremely lucky to have planted 316 specimens of this very rare and unusual species.

"This planting is important as research shows a 60% decline since 1997 in the number of emergent stems of this plant. As well as being rare, this plant is highly unusual because it doesn't set seed, as other plants usually do," Ms Coutts-McClelland said.

"All evidence collected to date suggests that this plant species has lost its ability to naturally reproduce, so the planting event is an important step to help secure the Bomaderry Zieria from extinction in NSW.

"We are looking at whether we can increase the survival rates of plants we re-introduce from Botanic Gardens' collections into the wild through additional watering and fencing to protect against browsers such as wallabies.

"We look forward to monitoring these plants and will continue to work with our local partners to help ensure this beautiful plant flowers for many more years to come," said Ms Coutts-McClelland.

The Bomaderry zieria is one of many endangered species being addressed as part of the NSW Government's Saving our Species program. The program provides conservation projects that set out the actions required to save specific plants and animals from extinction.

At 80cm tall, the Bomaderry zieria is a very pretty plant and is covered in clover-like leaves with velvety hairs. It also produces small pinkish-white flowers during winter and spring.

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