Major upgrade for Gan Gan Road entrance to Worimi Conservation Lands

The Anna Bay entrance to Worimi Conservation Lands is undergoing a major makeover to make it safer and easier for visitors to access the popular beachfront.

Worimi Conservation Lands frontal dune

Worimi Conservation Lands Board of Management Chair Jamie Tarrant said the Gan Gan Road entrance will remain closed to the public for two weeks.

"We are repairing the frontal dune, which provides an important natural barrier to protect the park's cultural sites and values from large ocean swell and storm events and will also formalise the vehicle crossing onto the beach over the frontal dune," said Mr Tarrant.

"This will involve relocating sand to the beachfront and installing a stabilising 'Track Pad', to help prevent vehicles from getting bogged or damaging the frontal dune as they traverse to the beachfront.

"We expect the works will be completed by the end of May, weather permitting," said Mr Tarrant.

The Worimi Conservation Lands are currently closed to beachfront driving due to recent weather and rough sea conditions which have eroded the beachfront. NPWS will continue to monitor the weather conditions to determine when the beachfront can safely be reopened for vehicles.

Beach driving between the Gan Gan entrance and Lavis Lane beachfront are closed in both directions from today. This closure will be reviewed in a weeks' time.

Commercial activities, public access and camping in designated areas of WCL will continue to be allowed with access via Lavis Lane.

For more information on the closure or the Gan Gan Road entrance upgrades, contact NPWS on (02) 4984 8200 or visit: Worimi National Park