National parks volunteers make a wild difference

This year NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) volunteers have made a world of difference in our own back yard.

NPWS Volunteers replanting in coastal dunes.

OEH Chief Executive Officer, Anthony, Lean said more than 3000 active volunteers have contributed thousands of hours working in NSW National Parks, the Royal Botanic Gardens and Taronga Zoo.

Mr Lean said: “Quite frankly, many of our projects are only possible because of our volunteers’ work and there's no better time to say thank you than during National Volunteer Week.”

“The theme for National Volunteer Week is “make a world of difference” and our volunteers truly have done just that.”

“We have volunteers working to save threatened animals and plants through the Saving our Species program, transforming habitats with bush regeneration work, providing education and tours, and contributing to citizen science projects.

Mr Lean said: “Volunteering connects people to the environment and heritage, and helps build the social fabric and resilience of our society. It's also rewarding to work with like-minded people and share accomplishments.”

This year, OEH volunteers helped make many projects successful, including:

  • Volunteer mountaineers cleared the challenging, historic 15.5km Hannels Spur walking track leading to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko for adventurous hikers and experienced trail runners.
  • Our partners 4WD NSW contributed to many key projects where they used their 4WD capability to access difficult terrain and help with challenging problems.
  • The new Crescent Head Dunecare group on NSW’s North Coast combines local conservationists and young international visitors (many on surfing tours) to remove weeds in the coastal rainforest.