New areas added to NSW national parks system

Environment Minister Robyn Parker today announced almost 13,000 hectares of under-represented ecosystems would be added to the NSW national parks system, with the addition of two new state conservation areas.

Kanangra Boyd National Park

Ms Parker also announced the addition of 250 hectares of Kanangra-Boyd National Park has been declared as a wilderness area.

“The latest addition to the national parks system is Ukerbarley State Conservation Area near Coonabarabran,” Ms Parker said.

“This 465 hectare reserve protects a highly significant wildlife corridor supports an endangered ecological community and provides habitat for more than 139 native animal species including the superb parrot.

“It also links important Aboriginal cultural sites, including one dating back 3,700 years.

“Another new addition is the Warrambool State Conservation area near Lightning Ridge which comprises over 12,000 hectares and has three endangered ecological communities.

Ms Parker said the Warrambool State Conservation Area will also be used to trial a new more collaborative approach to reserve management.

“We want to see more opportunities to involve neighbours, community members, or local contractors in activities such as weed control or fencing.

“This way the local community would receive an economic boost, while our reserves would receive the benefits of local knowledge and experience.

“The addition of 250 hectares of Kanangra-Boyd National Park as wilderness area is an important addition to our world class reserve system.

“This declaration builds on our commitment to conserve unique natural environments and cultural heritage while providing areas for the enjoyment and long term benefit of the people of NSW.

“We’re proud to have now added nine new reserves, including three national parks to the system since forming government a little over two years ago.”