New picnic shelter for Little Bay

A 50 year-old picnic shelter at Little Bay in the Arakoon National Park will be replaced after a safety assessment found concrete cancer had made parts of its concrete roof crumble.

Picnic shelter in Arakoon National Park

The shelter has been fenced off for public safety after pieces of concrete fell from its roof.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Area Manager for the Hastings Macleay Area, Shane Robinson, said the original section of one of the picnic shelters at Little Bay was built over 50 years ago. However, the harsh coastal environment has taken its toll on the roof, which now needs to be replaced.

"Several repairs have been made to the concrete roof of the shelter in recent years. However, continuous exposure to the elements has taken its toll, and in recent weeks large pieces of concrete have fallen from the roof," Mr Robinson said.

"The roof has progressively succumbed to concrete cancer and the shelter is now unsafe for anybody to use.

"The falling concrete didn't hurt anyone, but visitor safety is paramount, and the shelter has been closed until the roof can be removed", he said.

Planning will commence early in the new year to replace the shelter.

"We know that some long-time residents and visitors to Little Bay have a connection to the picnic shelters and will be saddened by this", Mr Robinson said.

"But replacing the shelter means visitors and local residents can continue to visit and enjoy this unique area.

"Other picnic assets in the park are open over the holiday period", he said.