NSW Coastal Council appointed for a new term

Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock has today announced the appointment of the new NSW Coastal Council, to be chaired by Annelise Tuor.

Aerial veiw of coastline at Minnamurra.

Ms Tuor has extensive experience in coastal planning, local government, property law and dispute resolution and is a former Commissioner of the Land and Environment Court. She is the first female Chair of the Council.

Mrs Hancock said Ms Tuor and the members of the Council all have exceptional expertise and experience in one or more specialist fields relating to coastal management.

"I look forward to working with the new Council which plays a critical role in providing me with expert advice about the development and implementation of coastal management programs by our State's coastal councils," Mrs Hancock said.

The new Coastal Council includes:

  • Ms Annelise Tuor
  • Mr Martijn Gough*
  • Dr Kate Brooks
  • Dr Hannah Power*
  • Ms Pam Dean-Jones*
  • Emeritus Professor Bruce Thom
  • Dr Shay Simpson*

*indicates a newly appointed Council member

Minister Hancock made special acknowledgement to out-going Chair Bruce Thom, saying Emeritus Professor Thom had played a vital role in his tenure as Chair.

"Professor Thom remains on the Council and I'm sure all members of the Council, especially the new generation of coastal experts, will learn from his knowledge and experience.

"The significant contributions of outgoing Council members Ron Cox, Angus Gordon, Jane Lofthouse and Will Glamore are also greatly appreciated," Mrs Hancock said.

The new chair Ms Annelise Tuor said that the Coastal Council plays an important role in helping address the very complex issue of coastal management.

"I look forward to bringing science and expertise of the other council members in advising the Minister on coastal management in NSW," Ms Tuor said.

The NSW Coastal Council provides independent and expert advice on matters relating to the Minister's functions under the Coastal Management Act, and in relation to the development and implementation of coastal management programs by local councils.