Open day as Youdales Hut rises from the ashes

The historic Youdales Hut in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park has been rebuilt to its former glory by a team of volunteers and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service staff after it was destroyed in the 2019-20 bushfires.

Youdales Hut completed, Oxley Wild Rivers National Park

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Area Manager Aaron Simmon said the rebuilding of Youdales is an important milestone in the post-bushfire recovery of the New England area.

"The recovery effort following the 2019–20 bushfire season has been extensive, but we are now at a point where the majority of impacted national park infrastructure has been restored or rebuilt," he said.

"The unwavering dedication of our staff and volunteers, and the support we have felt from our community and neighbours during this recovery period has been much appreciated.

"Youdales Hut is a rare example of bush architecture from the early twentieth century and offers a unique glimpse into what life was like for early graziers in this rugged and unforgiving gorge landscape.

"We're extremely proud of the work that has gone into rebuilding an accurate replica of the original hut using traditional bush carpentry methods and locally sourced materials," said Mr Simmon.

The rebuild project involved a member of the Youdale family, 6 volunteers, local contractors and NPWS staff.

To celebrate the completion of the rebuild, NPWS is hosting an open day on Sunday 23 October at the Youdales Hut campground and picnic area.

The Open Day, which runs from 10 am to 2 pm, will include an NPWS ranger-guided walk focusing on the history of the area and a barbecue lunch.

For more information about the open day, visit: Youdales Hut Open Day. Built by grazier Alan Youdale and Patrick Hogno in 1941, Youdales Hut served as a cattle mustering facility and accommodation for the Youdale family while they worked the gorge landscape.

The Youdale family grazed the upper Kunderang Brook and surrounding area for over 50 years until it was acquired by NPWS in 1986.