Paddington's Greek Orthodox cathedral gets State Heritage status

The first Greek Orthodox cathedral constructed in the southern hemisphere has been listed on State Heritage Register to protect its enduring historical and cultural significance, Heritage Minister Mark Speakman announced today.

Interior of Agia Sophia, Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Paddington, Sydney

 “I am delighted to be able to celebrate Agia Sophia, this important place of worship for the Greek-Australian community,” Mr Speakman said.

Agia Sophia was built as a result of the great political and social schism of 1924 that divided the Greek-Australian community at the time. The community has since unified, but the cathedral has remained a focal point for social, cultural, educational and philanthropic activities within the Greek-Australian community.

Behind its Inter-war Academic Classical façade, the internal architecture of the cathedral is mostly influenced by the Byzantine era.

“It is an excellent representative example of the style normally used for Orthodox Christian places of worship across the world,” Mr Speakman said.

 “Agia Sophia continues to be an important place of worship for Orthodox Christians in NSW, including well-attended services and its usage as a social and spiritual hub for the Greek-Australian community.”