Please don't feed native birds

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is reminding Bombala residents to not feed native birds following reports that large flocks of hand-fed birds are causing a nuisance.

Australian magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen)

NPWS Bombala Area Manager, Franz Peters, said feeding wildlife, most often by well-meaning people, is not recommended for the welfare of the animals and so they don’t become a nuisance to neighbours.

“Most people feed birds and other native wildlife out of an understandable desire to want to care for them, however this can quickly lead to a build-up in numbers,” said Mr Peters.

“Recent reports of large flocks of magpies and currawongs gathering to be hand-fed is causing some concern as they can be fairly aggressive and territorial birds.

“Feeding native birds is not encouraged as it can lead to health problems or even death for the birds, displace other native species, and create issues such as mess and noise for neighbours.

“A simple way people can enjoy native birds is to ‘bird-scape’ their backyard by planting local flowering native plants that provide balanced nutrition along with a sheltered bird bath safe from pets.

“People are reminded that under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 Service employees may give formal direction to individuals to stop feeding protected fauna.

“Australia’s native birds are renowned worldwide for their beauty, but it is critical to remember to keep wildlife wild and resist the urge to feed them,” Mr Peters added.

For more information about caring for your local environment, including wildlife, please call the NPWS Bombala office on (02) 6458 5900.

Contact: Sarah Scroope