Prioritise safety and respect for Worimi country this summer holidays

People are being asked to drive safely, tread softly and adhere to COVID-19 restrictions when visiting the much-loved Aboriginal-owned Worimi Conservation Lands in the Port Stephens area this summer.

4WD beach drive, Worimi National Park

Worimi Conservation Lands Board of Management Chair Jamie Tarrant said visitors need to be mindful of the beach driving rules in place on the land and ensure their visit does not conflict with current COVID-19 restrictions in New South Wales.

"The Worimi Conservation Lands provide unique opportunities for four-wheel driving and quad bike riding, with over 19 kilometres of beach-front driving between Anna Bay and Williamtown, as well as over 350 hectares of dune driving south of Lavis Lane," said Mr Tarrant.

"Over the winter period, the Board and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) have rehabilitated the stunning frontal dune, which runs along the beach and provides an important natural barrier to protect the park's cultural sites and values from large ocean swell and storm events.

"The dunes are looking magnificent, with vegetation re-establishing, shallow pools of freshwater lying in the swale areas, and lots of nesting shorebirds out on the park – it's great to see our Country looking so healthy.

"As always, we're asking beach and dune drivers to please drive only on the beach front and keep vehicles off the frontal dunes. This is particularly important this year as we don't want to undo the hard work and progress made during the year in rehabilitating the frontal dune barrier.

"A reminder also that NSW road rules apply when driving on the beach and dunes, including a maximum speed limit of 40km/hr or 20km/hr when passing pedestrians or other vehicles.

"Finally, we are expecting the park to be busy over the Christmas and New Year period, so we are asking visitors to be patient and kind to one another and to our staff," said Mr Tarrant.

Protecting the health and safety of our visitors and staff is the highest priority for the Worimi Conservation Lands Board and NPWS. COVID-19 physical distancing requirements applies within the Worimi Conservation Lands and all national parks across NSW.

All vehicles entering the Worimi Conservation Lands must be registered and display a valid Worimi Conservation Lands beach vehicle permit.

Drivers should be experienced in beach driving and drive to their capability, the conditions and the limitations of their vehicle. Check the website for beach driving tips.