Reminder penalties apply for illegal firewood collection in national parks

Authorities are reminding people that collecting firewood from national parks, state conservation areas and nature reserves is illegal.

Felled tree with timber removed

The warning follows reports of illegal firewood collection in Yurammie State Conservation Area (SCA) on the State's south coast where trees were cut down.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) manager Andrew Wall said Yurammie State Conservation Area protects important Aboriginal sites and Aboriginal traditional pathways to the coast.

"Yurammie SCA surrounds the northern end of Yellow-Pinch Dam and the NPWS is working with Bega Valley Shire Council to prevent illegal activities and illegal firewood collection, dumping of garden refuse and general household waste as well as illegal trailbike riding.

"Regular patrols by Rangers will be made and infringement notices will be issued if illegal activities are detected.

"We are getting the message out there that removing firewood, including deadwood and fallen trees, is not permitted.

"Its important people are aware that on-the-spot-fines apply but also very large fines can be handed out by the courts.

"The recent $30,000 fine handed out by the NSW Land and Environment Court reinforces how important it is that people follow the rules.

"Many ground dwelling animals and threatened species use tree hollows for nesting and even fallen trees and deadwood is important habitat," Mr Wall said.

People can report incidents of illegal firewood collection to the NPWS on 1300 072 757 or Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Firewood collection is permitted in many state forests, however those wishing to collect firewood must obtain a permit before doing so and ensure that they follow the associated permit conditions. State forest firewood permits are available online at Forestry Corporation of NSW.