Ride lightly: Newcastle's mountain biking drawcard

Laura is a mountain biker who regularly enjoys the sounds of the beach and the birds as she bikes through the stunning Glenrock State Conservation Area in Newcastle.

A mountain bike rider enjoying the Bombala track.

Growing close to the mountain bike trails in Glenrock – and nowhere else in the world – you can find the beautiful Newcastle rough doubletail orchid (Diuris praecox).

In Newcastle, the trails are susceptible to damage and erosion. Riders must keep to the trail, don't ride in the wet and don't make unsanctioned new trails. The mountain bikers of Glenrock are the custodians of the bush and this rare and threatened species.

The Glenrock National Parks and Wildlife Service office is always looking for volunteers to help with trail maintenance, and to learn about threatened species and cultural heritage in the area.