Saving our shorebirds with Starlo

Help save our shorebirds with the local fishing guru 'Starlo' who has some helpful tips during this tough nesting period for the beach-nesting birds.

Hooded plover or hooded dotterel (Thinornis rubricollis), Tura Beach

Every summer, the south coast of New South Wales becomes a haven for threatened beach-nesting birds. However, these birds are in danger and need your help. Every year less and less birds are successfully fledging, which has led to a steady decline in beach-nesting bird numbers. There’s only 70 hooded plovers left in New South Wales – all of these are found on the South Coast!

Fishing guru ‘Starlo’, a local to the far South Coast, has some easy tips for how we can all help these shorebirds through the tough nesting period.

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