Saving our South Coast shorebirds

The South Coast shorebird recovery program is designed to help threatened beach-nesting birds during their summer nesting period.

Little tern (Sternula albifrons)

The South Coast Shorebird Recovery Program has been working hard to help threatened beach-nesting birds through the summer nesting period since 1999. The program aims to reduce the rate of decline of threatened beach-nesting birds and recover populations by enhancing breeding success along the south coast of New South Wales.

Some of the major threats to shorebirds in New South Wales are:

  • accidental trampling by humans
  • domestic dogs
  • predators such as foxes, crows and cats
  • storms, king tides and storm surges
  • being squashed by vehicles.

To find out more about the south coast shorebird recovery program or to volunteer, visit the South Coast Shorebirds Recovery Program website.

For more information on beach-nesting birds, visit Birdlife Australia's Beach-nesting birds webpage.