Saving our Species podcast: Business of biodiversity

A podcast about threatened species and what farmers, business and NGOs are doing to protect them.

Spotted-tailed quoll (Dasyurus maculatus)

There are almost 1,000 threatened animals and plant species in NSW which is why the NSW Government designed and implemented a world-class and innovative conservation program, Saving our Species.

The Saving our Species program recognises the importance of partnerships and understands that networks are invaluable to the NSW community. By working collaboratively, sharing insights, results and success stories through multiple communication channels, we can achieve a greater result whilst continuing to raise more awareness.

This podcast series hears from a variety of different landholders, business owners, farmers, conservationists and threatened species experts that are part of the SoS movement. So no matter whether you are a threatened species expert, or just a curious member of the public, this podcast series has something for all.

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