Saving our Species: Securing a future for NSW threatened plants and animals

Protecting our species from extinction is a team effort. In a world of accelerating change and threats to our environment, securing our threatened species in the wild has never been more important.

Threatened Species Officer checking pitfall traps, Nanya Station

The Saving our Species program was established to secure a future for threatened species in the wild in NSW and control the key threats they face.

Conservation is a long game, but over the last 5 years and through the help of our partnerships with more than 200 organisations, business and communities across NSW, Saving our Species (SoS) is making a difference.

We can’t imagine a world without our wattle and wallabies, so we’re committed to ensuring the future of our state’s native plants and animals is bright. The legacy of SoS will mean that our grandchildren, and their children, can grow up alongside the same unique native plants and animals that our grandparents did.

Thank you to all those who work with us to build this conservation legacy.

Find out more about the program and how you can join the movement to help save our threatened plants and animals.