Saving our Species Spring newsletter

Welcome to the Spring edition of Saving our Species (SoS) newsletter. September is a special month on the SoS calendar with numerous National Threatened Species Day and Biodiversity Month events occurring.

Long-nosed bandicoot (Perameles nasuta)

In this edition we report on some of the events for Threatened Species Day and Biodiversity Month and provide a gallery of images in our feature article:

We also explore the importance of urban habitat to a surprising number of our threatened species in our story on urban ecology:

It is also timely to acknowledge the tremendous challenges our rural communities are facing through the prolonged drought – and the impact this is also having on our native plants and animals. Our Volunteer Voices segment pays homage to our farmers who care for habitat, even in difficult times.

SoS and conservation groups also continue to assist threatened species on the ground. Ongoing actions can involve nursery propagation as we can see with the endangered Bolivia Hill pimelea (Pimelea venosa) (see Green Room) or captive breeding programs for this edition’s Featured Species, the iconic plains-wanderer.

Other stories in this edition include regular spots: Koala Connections, Green Room; staff profile; Volunteer Voices, featured videos, coming events; media and more (see below).

Thank you to those who continue to contribute your time, energy and expertise as part of the Saving our Species program.