Saving our Species spring news

Welcome to the September issue of the Saving our Species (SoS) newsletter bringing you more stories about the many people working together across NSW to save our threatened species.

Little pied bat (Chalinolobus picatus) is a vulnerable species in NSW

In this edition of the newsletter:

  • September is national biodiversity month
  • Priorities Action Statements on public exhibition
  • Bushcare Major Day Out
  • Backyard Bird Count
  • National Seed Science Forum
  • PlantBank team exploring food source for a rare and spectacular moth
  • Coastal emu recovery on the north coast
  • Reintroduction of locally extinct species
  • Phantom wattle - the ghost who walks
  • NSW bred birds released in Victoria to boost recovery
  • Saving the delicate pomaderris
  • Many hands help grow critically endangered holly-leaf grevillea
  • In the spotlight - Frances Bray

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