Searching for the red-lored whistler

Using bioacoustics technology to detect the critically endangered red-lored whistler is contributing to better long-term conservation outcomes for this shy small grey-brown song-bird.

Red-lored whistler (Pachycephala rufogularis) in a tree

The red-lored whistler (Pachycephala rufogularis) is a threatened small, grey brown songbird that occurs in isolated populations of Mallee woodland. 

In New South Wales this Critically Endangered species is found in just one location, across two adjoining reserves in the central west.

Threatened Species Officers with the Saving our Species program are using song meters to monitor these birds, which are often difficult to detect through usual survey methods.

The song meters, left in the reserve for a couple of months, capture and record bird song from the surrounding landscape. Back in the office, song files are analysed and all red-lored whistler calls are identified.

The Threatened Species Officers are using the data from the song meters to understand population trends, species distribution and habitat preferences. 

This will assist with targeting habitat for further off-park surveys and will contribute to better long- term conservation outcomes for this species. 

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