Significant stormwater erosion leads to closure of Kylies Beach 4WD access

4WD beach access to Kylies Beach via Kylies Road is closed until further notice due to unsafe conditions.

Kylies Beach access

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and MidCoast Council advise that stormwater run-off from the record summer rainfall has reopened the creek adjacent to the Kylies Beach 4WD access point, leading to significant erosion of the creek bank.

The three-to-four metre drop from the level of the access point down to the creek bed represents a significant vehicle safety risk, with a high likelihood that a vehicle could roll into the adjacent creek.

The 4WD access point will remain closed until safe access can be reinstated.

Beach access points are dynamic systems influenced by wind, rainfall and tides. With ongoing wet conditions predicted, any attempt to repair the track will likely fail at the next significant rainfall event.

NPWS and MidCoast Council will continue to assess the site. Intervention works will likely take place in autumn or winter this year when conditions allow.

Pedestrian access to Kylies Beach from Kylies Beach campground will remain open.

Check the NPWS website for updates or contact the NPWS Port Macquarie office on 02 6588 5555 or