Soils and climate change

These 2 short videos look at the impacts of climate change on soil erosion and soil properties.

Cracked earth and soil

Climate change has the potential to have a severe, but variable, impact on soils, depending on the bioclimatic zone and the intrinsic vulnerability of the soil. Changes to land use and management as a result of climatic shifts will also potentially affect soils.

Climate change is expected to impact soils through changes in both soil erosion and rainfall erosivity. Change in erosion can have significant implications for natural assets, agricultural lands and water quality.

Climate change is projected to impact on three key soil properties. These properties, soil organic carbon (SOC), sum of bases (macro-nutrients) and pH are soil chemistry attributes that affect agriculture and native ecosystems and are sensitive to climate variables such as rainfall and temperature.

To find out more about how climate change will affect your region of NSW and to download our summary reports visit AdaptNSW: Impacts of climate change.