Statement on Blue Mountains Incident

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Fletcher's Drumsticks (Isopogon fletcheri)

Attributable to a spokesperson for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS)

  • A rockslide occurred in the Blue Mountains National Park on Monday afternoon.
  • This tragic event has resulted in 2 fatalities, with 2 other people critically injured. One other person was able to walk out from the site.
  • All of us at NPWS extend our heartfelt sympathies to the family and those affected.
  • The site is currently closed and a comprehensive review will be undertaken.
  • NPWS has a world class program in place to assess geotechnical risks and maintain the safety of walking tracks and other infrastructure to the greatest extent practicable. Unfortunately it is not possible to predict and eliminate all natural risks such as rockslides, which can occasionally occur around the state.
  • The walking track where this incident occurred was inspected in the days before the rockslide as part of a routine track assessment program.
  • The tracks in the Wentworth Falls precinct of the Blue Mountains National Park are closed until further notice.
  • A significant rainfall event is predicted. As a result, Blue Mountains National Park is closed, except for Evans lookout and Govetts Leap lookouts.