Strickland House Estate protected in perpetuity

The state heritage listed Strickland House Estate at Vaucluse has been formally transferred to the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) so it will be protected in perpetuity.

Strickland House Estate

Environment and Heritage Minister Gabrielle Upton said: "Reserving the much-loved Strickland House Estate as part of Sydney Harbour National Park means this site will be protected into the future."

"It also means the public can continue to enjoy one of Sydney's most scenic and historic harbourside parks.

"The estate includes Cararra House, a remarkably original 1850s marine villa within a landscaped garden setting that retains many of its original features: making it an important example of colonial history.

"I am proud as Heritage Minister and the local MP to be the one that delivers something the local community has been seeking for decades: the protection of Strickland House Estate.

"It's wonderful to see their vision realized: the beautiful and historic estate and nearly five hectares of harbourside parkland will now to be protected and managed as part of the national park," she said.

Previously managed by Property NSW, the site will now be managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) as part of the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), in collaboration with the community.

"Our national parks system provides the highest level of long-term security for the maintenance of environmental and heritage values, and building our national parks reserve system is a long-term investment for government," said Ms Upton.

"The new NPWS management for the Strickland House Estate means a coordinated approach to managing the beautiful foreshore land in this spectacular part of Sydney.