The malleefowl and the fox

The Malleefowl is a Saving our Species Iconic Species. This short video is a series of consecutive images from one of our monitoring cameras.

Remote cameras in Central West NSW are helping save the endangered malleefowl

The female malleefowl lays more than her own body weight in eggs each season, and adult birds move more than 150 tonnes of material each year to build and maintain their nest where their eggs are incubated by the heat of the sun rather than their bodies.

The images were captured from the first camera we deployed a few years ago and we have not seen this kind of fox malleefowl interaction since.

The sequence of images shows a fox watching and disrupting a malleefowl while they maintain their mound. The fox is seen digging in to the egg chamber, but after more than an hour the fox leaves empty handed and both malleefowl return to the nest.