Threat and risk assessment of NSW marine estate

The Marine Estate Management Authority (MEMA) has completed a statewide threat and risk assessment of the marine estate. The assessment identifies, assesses and prioritises threats and risks to the environmental assets and the social and economic benefits of the marine estate.

Rocky landscape and ocean around Cityrock in Ben Boyd National Park

MEMA has released the NSW Marine Estate Threat and Risk Assessment Draft Report (state-wide TARA) and is seeking your feedback on its findings.

An interactive tool has been created to help you navigate, examine and give feedback on the findings of the of the draft state-wide TARA. The final state-wide TARA will be used to develop the Marine Estate Management Strategy and new management plans for marine parks.

Submissions through the interactive tool can be made until 31 March 2017.

You can find the draft state-wide TARA report, background reports and the interactive tool at NSW Marine Estate.